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Universal Design Features Don't Need to Be Unattractive! by Jim Maust - Venture Builders

Your home doesn’t need to look like a hospital or nursing home to be accessible to folks with mobility issues. And you can ease the burden of mobility challenged loved ones with some planning...
06/26/2014 | yshum^ | 0

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The Hazards of Poor Attic Ventilation! - by Anson Martin, Valley Roofing

Over time as insulation settles it can become too thin, allowing too much air to escape through the attic and driving up your heating and cooling costs. Valley Roofing checks the R-Value of your attic insulation to determine effectiveness for the...
04/23/2014 | yshum^ | 0

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Member Spotlight

Our member of the month is Matthew Heatwole with Brown Edwards. Currently, Matt serves as Treasurer on the SVBA board.  Listen to what Matt has to say about his involvement with the SVBA.